Notice to Players
2015 West Penn Amateur Championship

June 8 & 9, 2015 - St. Clair Country Club, Pittsburgh

UPDATE, June 8, 2015 - 9:30 PM
Play has been suspended for the second round of the Amateur Championship and will resume at 7:00 AM Tuesday, June 9, 2015.

Players who intend to complete their second round should report to the scoring area at 6:45 AM and be ready to resume play at 7:00 AM. The practice range will open at 6:20 AM.

The cut for the third and final round will be the top 32 scores and ties. Currently, there are thirty-three (33) scores final after thirty-six holes at 155 or better. Players with final scores of 156 and above will not compete in the final round. It is possible that the cut will drop to 154 after round two is completed.

The third round will likely begin at approximately 8:15 AM in pairs every eight minutes all off hole number one. Players making the cut need to plan accordingly in order to be ready to play as early as 8:15 AM. Pairings and tee times for round three will be released as soon as all scores are finalized in round two. Pairings and tee times will be communicated to players electronically via the contact information the player has on file with the WPGA.

The competition is 54 holes and the field will be 78 players. The stroke play cut will be the top thirty-two (32) scores and ties after thirty-six (36) holes. Additional information will be distributed on the starting tees. The locker room and practice facility will open at 7:00 AM each day of the championship. Please note starting times and groupings.

Grouping - Alpha
Groupings - Tee & Time

Format - 54 Holes of Stroke Play, cut made after 36 holes. Play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf. In the event of a tie after the final round, a hole-by-hole playoff will take place on holes to be determined by the Committee.

Tee Markers - All play is from the BLUE WPGA tee markers. The course will play roughly 6,950 yards depending on conditions and yardages will vary from round to round.

Practice - Practice rounds are available by contacting the golf shop at 412.833.5550. Practice round fees are the responsibility of the player, must be pre-arranged and are at the discretion of the club. The Golf Professional is Jason Marciniec. Practice round times will begin at 2:00 PM on Sunday, June 7 and can be scheduled by contacting the golf shop. All other practice rounds in advance of Sunday must be scheduled with a member of St. Clair CC. If you need assistance in scheduling a practice round in advance with a club member please contact the WPGA office at 412.826.2180 and ask for Matt Lightner or Heather Kunkle to assist in this process. Practice rounds will be at a cost of $100 with a cart and $75 without a cart. Only players who have been confirmed for the championship proper and qualifying round alternates are permitted to schedule a practice round.

Transportation/Caddies - Players are required to walk during the championship. Players may bring their own caddies if they choose. Caddies must walk in performance of their duties. St. Clair does have caddies available. If you wish to employ a club caddie, arrangements must be made in advance by contacting the caddie master, Bill Smith. A limited number of push trolleys are available at the club. Players who wish to rent a push trolley must also do so in advance by contacting the caddie master. Players will not be permitted to bring or use their own push trolleys.

Pace of Play - The maximum allowable time will be four hours and twenty five minutes (4:25). The Pace of Play Policy can be found here.

Evacuation Plan - In the event of a suspension of play for a dangerous situation, players on holes #1,2 (tee/fairway),3 (green),8 (green),9,10,11 (tee/fairway),13 (green),14 (tee/fairway), & 18 (fairway/green)should return immediately to the Clubhouse. Players on holes #2 (green),3 (tee/fairway), 6,7 & 8 (tee)should go to the bathhouse near #6 green. Players on holes 4 & 5 should proceed to the shelter on hole #5. Players on holes #11 (green),12,13 (tee/fairway) should proceed to the shelter between holes #13 & #14. Players on holes #16 & 17 (tee) should go to the shelter located near hole 16 green. Players on holes #14(fairway/green),15, 17 (fairway/green) & 18 (tee) should proceed to the shelter near #18 tee. Note: A suspension for a dangerous situation will be signaled by one prolonged air horn note. All other types of suspension will be signaled by three consecutive air horn notes, repeated. Resumption of play will be signaled by two short air horn notes, repeated.


Lodging - Lodging of various price ranges can be found in the Bridgeville and Southpointe areas.

Food - The WPGA provides coffee, juices and whole fruits for the players on Monday & Tuesday and Lunch for players and their caddies on Monday only. All other food and beverage charges are the responsibility of the player. Please inform us as soon as possible if you must withdraw by emailing Matt Rusinko. The entry fee includes practice range fee, locker fee, coffee, juices and whole fruits each day, lunch on Monday, trophies to the winner & runner-up and merchandise prizes.

Spectator Info - No spectator carts will be permitted for the competition. Spectators may purchase lunches via cash or reciprocating club charge.

Directions to the club can be found on the St. Clair Country Club website.