West Penn Junior Championship History

Percy Preston Trophy

Date / Champion / Site

1921, John Harper, Unknown
1922, Wright McClure, Beaver Valley Country Club
1923, Wallace Hunter, Unknown
1924, Vincent L. Bradford, Jr., Westmoreland Country Club
1925, Frederick C. Brand, Jr., South Hills Country Club
1926, Sam Parks, Jr., Edgewood Country Club
1927, Frederick C. Brand, Jr., Stanton Heights Golf Club
1928, J. Denny St. Clair, Shannopin Country Club
1929, J. Denny St. Clair, Unknown
1930, Regis A. Wolf, Unknown
1931, Sidney A. Carson, Jr., Greensburg Country Club
1932, Wilson F. Marks, South Hills Country Club
1933, Herman W. Green, Greensburg Country Club
1934, James L. Marks, Jr., Stanton Heights Golf Club
1935, Charles T. Evans, Jr., Fox Chapel Golf Club
1936, Barrett Melvin, Oakmont Country Club
1937, Kenneth J. Stear, Edgewood Country Club
1938, A. Patton Jannsen, Alcoma Golf Club
1939, Benno Janssen, Jr., Greensburg Country Club
1940, Wallace J. Kappel, Oakmont Country Club
1941, Wallace J. Kappel, Churchill Valley Country Club
1942, Charles E. Manning, Highland Country Club
1943, Charles E. Manning, Fox Chapel Golf Club
1944, James E. Reed, Shannopin Country Club
1945, George K. Henry, Jr., South Hills Country Club
1946, Frank B. Rhodes, Jr., Longue Vue Club
1947, Arnold Palmer, Highland Country Club
1948, Arnold Palmer, South Hills Country Club
1949, Larry Hoffman, Shannopin Country Club
1950, Jim McCarter, Edgewood Country Club
1951, James Holding, III, Westmoreland Country Club
1952, James Holding, III, Baldoc Hills Golf Club
1953, Tod D. Morrow, Alcoma Golf Club
1954, Dick Chase, Churchill Valley Country Club
1955, Dick Chase, Mt. Lebanon Golf Club
1956, David C. Owens, Green Oaks Country Club
1957, Pete Parker, Churchill Valley Country Club
1958, George Mackanos, III, Baldoc Hills Golf Club
1959, George Mackanos, III, South Hills Country Club
1960, William J. Lechman, Edgewood Country Club
1961, Tom Truschel, Unknown
1962, Bob Wilkinson, Unknown
1963, Tom Lloyd, Unknown
1964, Ed Cheek, Unknown
1965, Terry Eisenhute, Beaver Valley Country Club
1966, James Simons, Unknown
1967, Jack Price, Unknown
1968, John Kubala, Nemacolin
1969, Mike Farrell, Unknown
1970, Dudley Merchant, Longue Vue Club
1971, Dudley Merchant, Unknown
1972, Jeffrey D. Hall, Unknown
1973, Nick Weaver, Greensburg Country Club
1974, Jim Wallisch, Youghiogheny Country Club
1975, John G. Jones, III, Alcoma Golf Club
1976, Frank B. Fuhrer, III, Sunnehanna Country Club
1977, John F. Yerger, Unknown
1978, Richard Moore, Unknown
1979, Buddy Martin, South Hills Country Club
1980, Kurt Beck, Valley Brook Country Club
1981, Jim Hagstrom, Rolling Hills Country Club
1982, Samuel W. Landis, II, Shannopin Country Club
1983, Curt Coulter, Chartiers Country Club
1984, Eric Schrieber, Sunnehanna Country Club
1985, Gordon Vietmeier, Lincoln Hills Country Club
1986, Joe DeVice, Greensburg Country Club
1987, Matthew Dodge, Green Oaks Country Club
1988, Jeff McKee, Shannopin Country Club
1989, Jim Sulivan, Wildwood Golf Club
1990, Chris Holzshu, Greensburg Country Club
1991, Dan Konieczny, Youghiogheny Country Club
1992, Phil Newcamp, Jr., Seven Oaks Country Club
1993, Al Hromulak, Greensburg Country Club
1994, Mark Scally, Beaver Valley Golf Club
1995, Mark Scally, Youghiogheny Country Club
1996, Andy Latowski, St. Jude Golf Club
1997, Jonathan Picarsic, Pleasant Valley Country Club
1998, Doug Lindahl, Uniontown Country Club
1999, Bobby MacWhinnie, Green Oaks Country Club
2000, Bobby MacWhinnie, South Hills Country Club
2001, Bennett Smith, Westmoreland Country Club
2002, Jon Pratkanis, Westmoreland Country Club
2003, William Miller, Uniontown Country Club
2004, William Miller, Buffalo Valley Country Club
2005, William Miller, Hannastown Golf Club
2006, Brendan Borst, The Links @ Spring Church
2007, Brandon Pompeani, New Castle Country Club
2008, Ryan Prokay, The Club at Shadow Lakes
2009, Darren Simons, The Club at Shadow Lakes
2010, Tommy Leech, Hannastown Golf Club
2011, Brent Rodgers, St. Jude Golf Club
2012, Tommy Nettles, Grove City Country Club
2013, Brent Rodgers, The Club at Shadow Lakes
2014, Jake Sollon, Youghiogheny Country Club
2015, Jason Li, Butler Country Club
2016, Cole Hughes, Indiana Country Club
2017, Hunter Bruce, Hannastown Golf Club