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WPGA Membership Card/Handicap Card

The WPGA has contracted with the GHIN Service for handicap computation services. The GHIN Service is now the largest handicap computation service in the world and serves more than 2.2 million golfers. Seventy-four golf associations and 13,000 golf clubs subscribe to the service. The WPGA now serves 130 clubs using the service and nearly 30,000 members. A golf club must be a member of a state or regional golf association using the service in order to subscribe.

The GHIN Software package includes GHIN Handicap Program (GHP), Tournament Pairing Program (TPP), and the GHIN Handicap Stroke Allocation Utility. Many additional web products have been developed to assist both the Association, our Member Clubs and members in the handicap and tournament administration. A few include the eGolfer service, eClubhouse service, GHP Online Club, the eNewsletter service and GHIN.com. A major feature of the service is the ability to post the score where the round was played rather than having to return to the player's home club in order to post the score. GHIN stands for Golf Handicap & Information Network and the network of clubs using the service provides the ability to route scores to different clubs.

For more information on the GHIN® Service, please visit the GHIN Service website or contact the WPGA by email or phone.

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