National Revision Schedule

Effective January 1, 2012 the USGA Handicap System adopted a National Revision Schedule that all golf clubs using the USGA Handicap System are required to use for the revision of a player's Handicap Index®. Below is the WPGA Revision Schedule including the active and inactive season dates. Score posting begins on April 1, 2017 and will end on October 31, 2017.

Please click here for a printable WPGA Revision Schedule for 2016.

2017 WPGA Revision Schedule

Score Posting Begins - April 1, 2017
Score Posting Ends - October 31, 2017
Revision Schedule (24 Revisions)

Revision Transmit By Effective Date
1.December 31January 1 (Sunday)
2.January 14January 15 (Sunday)
3.January 31February 1 (Wednesday)
4.February 14February 15 (Wednesday)
5.February 28March 1 (Wednesday)
6.March 14March 15 (Wednesday)
7.March 31April 1 (Saturday)
8.April 14April 15 (Saturday)
9.April 30May 1 (Monday)
10.May 14May 15 (Monday)
11.May 31June 1 (Thursday)
12.June 14June 15 (Thursday)
13.June 30July 1 (Saturday)
14.July 14July 15 (Saturday)
15.July 31August 1 (Tuesday)
16.August 14August 15 (Tuesday)
17.August 31September 1 (Friday)
18.September 14September 15 (Friday)
19.September 30October 1 (Sunday)
20.October 14October 15 (Sunday)
21.October 31November 1 (Wednesday)
22.November 14November 15 (Wednesday)
23.November 30December 1 (Friday)
24.December 14December 15 (Friday)