WPGA prohibits Distance measuring devices in its competitions

Posted April 5, 2006 - Western Pennsylvania Golf Association - Contact

The WPGA Championship Committee met on April 5, and unanimously agreed to prohibit the use of distance measuring devices in all competitions conducted by the Association for 2006. Each year, this decision will be subject to a review at the Fall Meeting of the Championship Committee.

The primary reasons for the Association's policy are (1) the USGA has not adopted this Local Rule in its championships, including qualifying rounds, and (2) players in the short term are not coerced into purchasing such devices to be competitive with other contestants. This decision gives players at least this season to decide what type of device to purchase.

The Association has no policy in regards to its Member Clubs. The use of devices measuring distance is a permissible USGA Local Rule, and clubs can decide on their own whether to put the Rule into effect. Rounds played with the use of such devices are acceptable for handicapping posting in either case, if the rule is in effect and if it is not, even rounds played when the use of such devices is prohibited.

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