Ralson Merchant, Sr. deceased

Posted February 14, 2007 - Western Pennsylvania Golf Association - Contact

The Association has received word that Ralston Merchant, Sr., a prominent golfer and organizer, passed away in Florida. Ralston, Sr., served the Pennsylvania Golf Association as President in 1979, and he was a long-time member of the USGA Junior Championship Committee, succeeded by the current PA Golf Association President, Mark Studer in 1991. Merchant was also a president of Longue Vue.

In 1983, he was instrumental in securing Longue Vue as the site of the WPGA's Fred Brand Foursomes, and this year will be the 25th consecutive year for the Brand at Longue Vue.

A member at the Longue Vue Club, his sons Ralston Jr. and Dudley were fine golfers. Dudley won the 1971 Pennsylvania Amateur, held at Fox Chapel. At age 16, he was the youngest PA Amateur champion in history.