Play the game; get away!

Posted February 19, 2009 - Western Pennsylvania Golf Association - Contact

The Western Pennsylvania Golf Association will begin a Casual Golf Day program that allows members, men and women, to play in a WPGA organized golf outing. These non-competitive rounds are designed to increase the Association’s visibility to more members, most who aren’t likely to play in the WPGA competition schedule. West Penn GA’s goal is to provide through Casual Golf Days opportunities for members of all skills to enjoy a round of golf at a WPGA Member Club they may not typically have a chance to play.

“This new program allows WPGA members to show up alone and meet new people or sign up a ‘regular’ group for a great day of golf,” said David Kuhar, WPGA Treasurer, former chairman of the Association’s Membership Development & Services Committee. “This is no-pressure golf played for the fun of it, without the competitive edge. Casual Golf Days offer our members an enjoyable WPGA conducted championship quality event, whether they are scratch golfers or still establishing a handicap.”

These days include a round of golf, cart, a tee prize, and a chance to network with Association staffers. There will not be a formal competition, scorecards, scoreboards, or other formal tournament elements. All players are responsible for posting their own scores for handicap purposes.

To play in a Casual Golf Day, players will be able to enter on-line, including payment by credit card. The WPGA will email all contestants confirmation and information. Group requests will be honored if submitted properly. The fee will be in the $60 range. Several state and regional amateur golf associations around the country have begun this program with much success.

The schedule and other details will be posted on the Association’s web-site by April 1.