WPGA Green Operations Study in motion

Posted January 8, 2015 - Western Pennsylvania Golf Association - Contact

One of the Association’s most valued information programs, the Green Operations Survey has begun. At last November’s Green Committee meeting, the questionnaire was reviewed with a few questions added, revised, or deleted. This questionnaire was recently sent to Golf Course Superintendents at Member Clubs, plus another 150 senior staffers and club officials. The next few weeks will include compiling results and seeking the returns of as many questionnaires as possible.

The final product is expected to be ready early this spring. Elements such as budgets, human resources, water management, and maintenance practices will be summarized. Clubs are arranged in categories according to annual maintenance budgets. Several elements are compared to similar issues five years ago.

In addition to the Green Committee, the area’s Golf Course Superintendents Chapters—Greater Pittsburgh, Mountain & Valley, and Northwest Pennsylvania—cooperate with the Green Committee to ensure the return of as many questionnaires as possible. The return rate among private clubs is about 75%, which makes the information more useful and accurate. Several public courses also participate, and they are located in the survey according to their maintenance budgets.

The survey has been distributed for nearly twenty years. The WPGA has been a leader among state and regional golf associations in this project, and other organizations have followed the Association’s lead.