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The 6th hole at the Old Course, Bedford Springs Resort

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As a Member of the WPGA, you will receive a GHIN Number and be able to post scores and establish your Handicap Index®. A Handicap Index® allows golfers of different abilities to compete on a fair and equitable basis under the World Handicap System (WHS). For more information on the World Handicap System, you can visit our WHS Hub.


The WPGA proudly conducts a wide range of championship golf competitions. The annual schedule includes a wide variety of gross and net tournaments that take place from the Spring to the Fall. As a WPGA Member, you can register to compete in any WPGA Competition, provided you meet the age or handicap eligibility requirements.

WPGA Play Days

WPGA Play Days offer Association members the opportunity to explore WPGA Member Clubs in a relaxed, enjoyable, and non-competitive environment. The main goal of WPGA Play Days is to give players of any skill level a chance to explore different WPGA Member Clubs at an affordable rate. Unlike a competition, players can pick their group and tee time and select the tee markers they would like to play from.

Educational Workshops

The WPGA offers its Members the opportunity to learn more about various topics on golf including handicapping, the Rules of Golf and tournament administration. These workshops free of charge to Members.

Please visit our Rules of Golf Hub for resources to educate on the Rules.

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You can also become a WPGA Member and take advantage of the member benefits by joining an existing Type 1 or Type 2 Golf Club or establishing your own club. To learn more about the Definition of a Golf Club, click here.

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Establishing a Type 2 Club

This option is available to a group of golfers wishing to form their own club not associated with a golf course. We call this a “Non-Golf Course” Club and encourage golfers to get together with friends or co-workers, form the necessary committees, draw up by-laws, and begin creating your own traditions through regularly scheduled play days and competitions. The WPGA will provide USGA Handicap Indexes® to all “Non-Golf Course” Clubs that comply with our criteria for membership. We offer GHIN software, our Golf Genius tournament management software. and support for the two products.

For any Type 1 or Type 2 golf club looking to join the WPGA, or if you need assistance in joining the WPGA or establishing a golf club, please contact the us.